What Porn Lovers Think About VR Experience

The advance of VR is said to have caused an entertainment revolution. With pornography becoming an immersive and even interactive experience, the number of VR porn lovers has skyrocketed to over 150 million worldwide. VR headsets are reported to boost viewers’ pleasure and to a vast degree. However, how much of such praise is mere hype? Let’s consider the opinions of some internet users.

The Benefits

Users report seeing remarkably lifelike scenarios with genuine visual depth. So much so that some feel as if they lost their virginity again. As it turns out, the headset does trick human brain into thinking that it is all real. In the words of a digitalspy.com contributor, “in an instant, porn has transformed from a passive to an interactive experience”, “I was starting to feel like I was viewing it through my own eyes”, and VR porn “became genuinely intimate”. read more