What Gadgets Do You Need To Watch VR Porn?

VR is sweeping the porn industry, and the number of active VR porn users has exceeded 150 million worldwide. This is hardly surprising, given the powerful sensations a viewer can now experience. With vr anal sex, porn is no longer a flat projection. It is an environment that you feel part of. Strap on a headset – and you can see your ripped virtual body engaged in the sexual act. Enjoy the wide perspective and change your angles, connect your sex toy and its vibrations will be synchronized with the movements in the video.

To watch the videos, you need:

  • a VR headset;
  • a device connected to the internet;
  • a speedy internet connection;
  • a VR player or other required software/apps;
  • access to porn content.

Let’s examine the technical side more closely.

VR Headsets

Currently, available models vary in price, compatible software and complexity. There is no universal guide as different models work in different ways. With some, you use a smartphone, others are connected to a computer or a gaming console.   

BadoikVR, one of the most popular sites, even offers free cardboard VR goggles for its members. Google Cardboard is the cheapest, although the least convenient, option, as you have to hold it close to your face. Therefore, there is a choice for any budget, but splurging on a good headset is guaranteed to boost your VR porn experience. Google Cardboard can be used by iPhone owners, while Samsung offers its Samsung Gear VR Consumer Edition. It requires some sideloading but works well. If you download Samsung Internet, you can stream videos directly, either from the app or from your computer.

On the high-end side, there are Oculus Rift and Oculus Go, with higher functionality, as well as price tags. These headsets need to be connected to a PC. A similar option is HTC Vive. All of these models require that you install a special VR player.

Finally, if you are a PlayStation owner, use your console. The PlayStation VR headset will work similarly to its alternatives. Start by downloading the content onto a flash drive. Stick it into the console, turn on your headset, use the media player to select the necessary file, and switch to VR mode.


The software depends on the headset. Some of the most popular VR players are Open VR Player, Vorpx, and Virtual Desktop. Once you install one of these, head over to your favorite porn site, download the content and play it using the app.

In addition to free headsets, BadoinkVR offers its own VR app. Another option is the Sex Like Real VR app, which works across most platforms and has an impressive user interface in addition to over 3000 videos. Here, the content is streamed directly from the app, so you need an excellent internet connection.

Overall, there are several ways to access VR porn. A VR headset will be an essential (and possibly priciest) purchase, while adult content may be accessed for free. With a little research, you can choose the option that works best for you and enjoy the pleasures of VR-enhanced pornography.