How To Watch Porn On Oculus Rift

Porn has been around for hundreds of years, but the advance of VR has taken its pleasures to a whole new level. With a VR headset, you witness the act through the eyes of its active participant, watching your toned virtual body being engaged in the fun. The range of headsets on the market caters to any budget, with Oculus Rift as one of the more sophisticated choices. Porn for Oculus Rift is both accessible and easily enjoyable. However, you might feel confused as the official store does not have a special Adult section. Here are the few steps you should take.

Option 1. Download videos and install a VR player

Oculus Rift requires installing a VR viewer in addition to the content. The latter can be easily acquired from sites like Pornhub or BadoinkVR that have vast databases. Basically, any website with VR videos can be your source. As regards VR players, the range is limited, but a good choice will be Whirligig or Autoplay VR.

The next step is to open the downloaded video. This must be done from within the Oculus Rift using the video player app. Downloading is preferable to streaming unless your internet connection is fantastic.

Option 2. Stream using Sex Like Real

Sex like Real as a VR app for all current VR systems. It does require a speedy internet connection but offers outstanding functionality. First, the user interface is impressive, working as a full app. Secondly, it allows easy content filtering by type, source, and even frame-rate. Here is what you need:

  • download the app and install it;
  • strap on your Oculus Rift;
  • open up the app;
  • use the menu to choose a video.

The app’s large menu includes multiple filtering options, and all the videos will be shown streaming. The experience is superior and the variety is wider as the app pulls content directly from several sites. It is easy to navigate back to Oculus Home, and the whole experience is very smooth.

Finding the Content

When you need to find VR porn videos, Google is not the only option. Oculus NSFW Subreddit is a good source of links to VR porn videos. Of course, do be discreet when clicking those links – take the same precautions you would when browsing through a porn site. There is plenty of content to choose from, in addition to discussions and sharing of experiences.

In conclusion, accessing porn on Oculus Rift is nothing challenging. Stream the content if your internet connection is superb, or download it. In any case, the choice you have is wide, with more videos appearing every day.