What Porn Lovers Think About VR Experience

The advance of VR is said to have caused an entertainment revolution. With pornography becoming an immersive and even interactive experience, the number of VR porn lovers has skyrocketed to over 150 million worldwide. VR headsets are reported to boost viewers’ pleasure and to a vast degree. However, how much of such praise is mere hype? Let’s consider the opinions of some internet users.

The Benefits

Users report seeing remarkably lifelike scenarios with genuine visual depth. So much so that some feel as if they lost their virginity again. As it turns out, the headset does trick human brain into thinking that it is all real. In the words of a digitalspy.com contributor, “in an instant, porn has transformed from a passive to an interactive experience”, “I was starting to feel like I was viewing it through my own eyes”, and VR porn “became genuinely intimate”.

Unlike characters from a 2D video, actors in VR porn are not some flat projections. According to digitaltrends.com, it is “startling to encounter them at true, human scale — sweaty, doubly-artificial breasts bobbing inches from your face”.

A huge advantage of VR porn is its POV (point of view) options. With the first-person perspective, you are not only viewing porn, but you are also experiencing it, watching as your toned virtual avatar body is engaged in the pleasurable act while your “partner’s” genitals are inches away from your face. You may focus on different parts of the actor’s body or even the objects around you. Most users seem to prefer making “eye contact” by looking at their virtual partner’s face when they are on top.

The Drawbacks

The biggest problem that has appeared, is the mostly static position of the avatar. As a rule, you see your virtual body either lying down or standing while the actor is pleasuring you. Like in a strip club, one can look but not touch, although it feels like you could. The interactions have been reported to lack human chemistry. However, one can hardly expect any chemistry from pornography.

The wide perspective (typically 180 or 360 degrees) ensures full immersion. However, looking around with a VR headset takes some practice, so be ready for some learning. Allow your brain some time to adapt to your new body and sensations. Otherwise, as one Reddit user pointed out, “sometimes you’re not sure where to look and maybe you’re missing out on something happening down below”.  

Finally, there is the eternal question of morality. Does watching VR porn constitute cheating? Given the realistic nature of the VR experience, it is a bone of contention for many couples. However, if your views on the subject match, you could always try a VR threesome!